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On The Move Magazine

Marion Hume lists the top 20 fashion items that are a must in his and her luggage this year

Her list: 8 Flight revivers. No one understands long haul like Australians, hence the best beauty products. Fumi Yamamoto's essential oils, especially Breathe Ezi as a morning pick-up and the cheesy-chic No Worries, soothe on the journey. Apply a few drops to the corner of your casha.

Elle Magazine

Jessica Hart interview on Natural beauty, skin advice.

"I am not really a fan of facials - but I do love seeing Fumi Yamamoto in Sydney. Her facials are life-changing."

Who Magazine

Thank you Jessica Hart...!

"I'm low maintenance with skin care, but I do love seeing Fumi Yamamoto in Sydney - her facials are life-changing."

Weekly Review Magazine

We try a Zen Facial

After a busy week, this exhausted journo needs to wind-down. So when I heard about rave reviews for Zen Facial from the likes of Jessica Gomes, I could hardly wait to give it a go..

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In Style Magazine

Jessica Gomez beauty talk

With Potuguese and Singaporean-Chinese heritage, this model's sultry looks have scored her ad campaigns with P. Diddy and Jay-Z. So what's on her beauty rap sheet?

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Sunday Life

The Super Facial

Natural therapist Fumi Yamamoto gives a facial like no other, combining reflexology, acupressure massage, facial yoga and meditation. Fumi aims to get skin...

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The top 5 things to do in Sydney

Sydney's secret among those landing with jetlag and needing to look fabulous is Fumi Yamamoto. Her Zen Facials arenot a quick fix and involve almost no product.

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Body + Soul


I am loath to allow the hands of time to freely fumble with my countenance, but surgical procedures are not for me. I'm searching for an alternative that will keep me looking, well, like myself sans frown lines.

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Meeting Fumi and Zen Facial

I met Fumi Yamamoto last year through the SKII facial experience I was invited to Sydney for. During that treatment, I thoroughly enjoyed the facial and she even gave me cheekbones!

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Weekend Notes

A blissful holistic facelift for the body and soul.

According to the definition of Zen Facial on its website, "Zen Facial is a gentle yet powerful technique that releases tension locked in the face, head and neck by...

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Karma Chronicles

Zen Facial interview with Fumi

There are those that contend that if you want to really transform your face, you need to go at least as far as Botox, if not full on cosmetic surgery. Anyone...

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Younger You

Debra Hutton interview

Your biggest beauty splurge? "Having facials with Fumi an amazing Japanese woman. The lines seem to have decreased since I've been seeing her"
Conde Nast Traveller

Book this as soon as you've got your plane ticket

just as movie stars flying from LA do. Fumi Yamamoto promises a facelift for the body and soul' and that is exactly what she delivers, with a combination of hara (abdominal) and facial diagnosis, essential oils and, especially, magic fingers. You'll leave looking fresher - and maybe even younger.
Spalife Magazine

Better than Botox

A gentle, healing treatment to open up your face, release tension and improve energy. It might seem strange that a facial begins and ends with a foot...

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Zen and The Art of Body and Mind Maintainace

When is a facial more than a facial? How about when your skin emerges visibly glowing, wiht muscles lifted and countours newly defined? Or when you...

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Health Smart

Beyond beautiful. So Zen.

Fumi Yamamoto runs a practice called Zen Facial.  Barefoot and beaming, Fumi invites me into her treatment room over looking Sydney's Bronte beach - a long way from her former life as a corporate powerhouse in Singapore. "A peron's physical, mental adn spiritual health is reflected in the face"
Professional Beauty

East meets West

One woman who is quietly making her mark in the emerging industry that couples the aestheric with the ancient is Japanese born, Diagnostic Remedial...

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The Australian

Consider the Alternatives

JAPANESE-born stress management specialist Fumi Yamamoto has always been drawn to what she calls "the Oriental approach to life force".

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Beauty Directory

Now And Zen

Working on the Eastern principle that the face reflects a person's physical, mental and spiritual health, the Zen Facial promises to not only improve te complexion...

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Sunday Telegraph

Can a Japanese facial massage really rub out wrinkles while harmonising your body and soul?

The brochure about facial harmony promises me a blissful journey from head to toe. My guide...

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In Style Magazine

The Good Facial Guide

Tried and tested, these are the facials that deliver results. Getting results "A facial should make you feel beautiful, to get that inner beauty flowing" says Sydney-based facialist Fumi Yamamoto. A natural "face lift", Yamamoto's treatment doesn't involve any products, just a deeply meditative massage technique to stimulate the skin. Expect a firm, glowing complextion and a sense of wellbeing.
Mamadison Magazine

Fix-it Facials road test

A test to see which one gave us something to glow about According to facialist Fumi Yamamoto, people hold tension in their faces. By working on the pressure points here, she is able to release this tension for a lifting effect. She works on half the face first and then lets you see the results before completing the treatment. The facelift facial "It looked like I'd had a mini-facelift. Everything was much plumper and the muscles were more relaxed."
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