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Fumi Yamamoto Your practitioner to accompany your journey is Fumi Yamamoto - the Founder/Creator of Zen Facial.

She is the principle practitioner of Zen Facial, Wellness and Spa consultant offeirng tailor made retreats, workshops and programmes for Spas, Groups and Individuals. She is also a One on one executive Yoga therapy consultant and is an Aroma perfumerist.

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treatment and packages

Initial consultation
with full treatment


On going treatments
Standard Sculptural

75-90 min

Programmes from
Special conditions, sculptural, cheekbones, TMJ, circles under eyes

 100min $350

Off site pending on location + travel


Minimum 4 hours
plus travel



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treatment hours

Sydney: Tuesday to Saturday
              7:30am to 5:30pm
              Click here for location


Melbourne: Norbu Spa at the Olsen Hotel:



What is Zen Facial

Non-Invasive, Natural Face Lift

Zen Facial is a gentle yet powerful technique that releases the stress locked in the face, head and neck, via a soft rhythmical touch. Meridian lines and reflex points are stimulated to balance the body and mind for a holistic result.

No invasive equipment or products are used during this process. Your Zen Facial starts with a hara (abdominal) and facial diagnosis to assess your individual...

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Body & Mind Integration

Zen Facial integrates the Eastern wisdom and Western science to improve people's wellbeing on many levels. Zen facial aims to improve your overall health.

An improvement you can feel...

  • Increased sense of wellbeing and centeredness
  • Stress release especially caused by fatigue, mental or emotional distress
  • Improved energy level
  • Sense of calmness enabling you to deal with...

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Techniques involved - how it works

Techniques involved

East/West Integration

Zen Facial is based on several healing modalities from the East and West. Eastern therapy such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian therapy, Accupressure massage (shiatsu and tsubo), Japanese diagnostic remidial yoga, and Complementary medicine such as Cranio sacral therapy, Myofascial release, Lymphatic drainage, Aromatherapy, Reflexlogy, Kinesiology and Facial Harmony. ....

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