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Facial Harmony is a muscle release process developed by Tanmayo Lawson. It is based on the philosophythat the face is a connecting link between the body, the mind, the spirit and emotions.


Stanley Rosenberg who was influential in developing this technique, worked in theatre and trained actos to use their facial muscles to fully convery emotional states. He was aware of emotional states that can freeze into a habitual expression and limit expressive range. By releasing the muscle pattern the person and their face were free to express a wider range of emotions.


The muscle release technique used in Facial Harmony stimulates the connective tissues in the skin, works through the nervous system and separates the different layers of important muscles and other connective tissues. This creates improved blood supply and removes harmful cellular waste products.


The process of the treatment allows the muscles to progressively release in the face, head and neck. The elastin fibres that give the skin and muscles lift are also released, together with the fascia that supports the shape of these tissues.


The cumulative effect is an "uplift" as muscle layers move and work more freely and co-ordinate effectively to support each other and also support your skin.


Myofascial release - Craniosacral therapy - Lymphatic drainage - Aromatherapy - Visceral manipulation - Reflexology



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