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Zen Facial TestimonialsThis is a forum to share your experience, to encourage and inspire people who are going through their own journey. 

Tools such as yoga, meditation and Zen facial can assist developing our awareness, and facilitate the change we are going through in our lives.

If you like, please send in your story, and share the joy...



Jo Cooper, Bride to be...

I read about Fumi's facial massage technique in a newspaper article, and was very interested in the idea of a natural facelift - particularly as my wedding day was fast approaching!

Over a couple of months leading up to the big day, I enjoyed a series of weekly treatments that were deeply relaxing and genuinely reduced the stress in my facial muscles, body and mind.

After each treatment there was a noticeable change in my face. It appeared more open and my muscle tone was greatly improved. Most importantly, these physical results were lasting and, instead of becoming a bundle of pre-wedding nerves, I felt my stress levels dropping week by week.

On the day of the wedding, many people commented on how relaxed and radiant I looked, and how my skin glowed. I attribute this largely to Fumi's treatments, which calmed me in the busy lead-up to the event, and all through the day itself.

I would thoroughly recommend facial harmony treatments to all those preparing for a special event, and anyone interested in a natural beauty technique that will benefit your mind as well as your body.


Pip McKay PhD(c) CEO, Evolve Now

Fumi's Zen facial massages have created the most extraordinary results for me on my face, my general health and my sense of overall well-being.

Wrinkles and fine lines have greatly reduced and the symmetry and balance of my face has been greatly enhanced. My face now glows with health and vitality.

As well as this my digestion has vastly improved, I have lost weight and generally I have a much greater sense of inner-peace and focused energy.

When I came to Fumi I was feeling run-down from working long hours and it reflected in my face. In the first session Fumi massaged one side of my face first and showed me the comparison. It was like looking at two different people. One tired and drawn the other alive and fresh. When she finished my whole face, it was as if a veil had been lifted and my inner beauty could shine through.

Fumi is also such a beautiful person, she has so much personal integrity, honesty, wisdom and charm; it is uplifting to simply be in her presence.

I highly recommend the experience of Zen facial, so much more than a natural face lift; it is uplifting for the spirit.


Anna Warwick

anna warwickMy first experience with Fumi was nothing short of life changing. Her massage technique is holistic in the truest sense of the word. I walked into her beautiful Bronte treatment room feeling heavy, tense and anxious. She barely seemed to touch me but within 15 minutes I felt my whole body untangling. My fingers and toes started tingling and suddenly all my cares were ridiculous and trivial. At one stage I burst out laughing, and then tears were falling from my eyes. It was a huge physical, mental and emotional release.

In the week that followed I found that I was laughing a lot more, I had more energy and cravings for junk food had lessened. My concentration improved.

The second time I saw Fumi I walked out with my eyes and skin sparkling. I looked younger and the high I had felt from the previous week was lulled into a gentle calm. This feeling, as well as a renewed sense of the joy of life and the sanctity of my own mind, body and soul; has remained with me ever since. Fumi is a revelation. She is a wonderful, miraculously skilled healer. My friends and I agree - Fumi is an angel. I can't wait to see her again! Anna is available through her email if you would like to speak to her more about her experience...(anna_warwick@telstra.com.au)



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