Reset and rejuvenate: release stress, signs of ageing, tension and heaviness from the face, head, neck and shoulders. Addresses skin health from inside and out.

FACIAL Sculpting

Defined cheekbones and bright eyes: Zen Facial's signature sculptural programme. Super Sculptural programme is now available! 


Look and feel youthful: anti-ageing, reverse the clock. Addressing skin health from the inside and out. Beauty that does not fade...

Jet Lag Recovery

For the global trotters to prevent and recover from jet lag.

Stress Management

Restore calm: state management for your demanding lifestyles.

EVENT/Camera Ready

Shine from every angle: be event and camera ready with confidence.


Wedding day radiance: keep calm and enjoy the glow during the busy build up, and look and feel radiant for your special day.


Quality me time: too busy to take time off? A week's break in 90 minutes.